Email Marketing vs Telemarketing

Lead generation remains a vital activity for companies of any size, and the process of generating leads has changed dramatically over the years. 

As the price of phone calls and labour has decreased recently, more and more people are being cold called, unexpectedly, by a complete stranger who is trying to sell them something they are not interested in. And this is the number one reason why Email Marketing is much better than telemarketing.

Extra information about Email Marketing

You see, when you call someone without permission and you disrupt their daily routine, you are doing all kinds of wrong things. Since there is no prior relationship built with the prospect, the reactions your personnel will hear are mostly unpleasant. Think about the fact that you are paying employees to annoy your customers and damage your brand's reputation. After annoying them, you will end being ignored and dismissed by these buyers.

That is also considering your sales team doesn't end up reaching the customer's voice mail, in which case they don't even get to have direct contact with the customer.

Yes, once upon a time it was simple and easy to find people on the phone, and they would actually answer the calls and you could have a meaningful conversation with them. But, as mentioned earlier in this article, that ship has sailed a long time ago.

Nowadays, it is much simpler to ask permission to your customers (or prospects) to contact them using permission-based marketing, also known as email marketing. Email avoids all of the above issues, while giving you several benefits.

First of all, while it may sound complicated to get your prospects email addresses, the truth is that it is much simpler to sell them your products or services once they have accepted to receive communication from your company. Since they are taking the first step, they are already implying they are interested in what you have to sell them. All you have to do is to keep the communication on point, and you will surely engage the customer in a conversation that will convert to sales.

Once you engage with your prospects, you will also realize how much more positive their response is, especially if you contrast email campaigns with telemarketing.

Email communication offers you several opportunities to use the subject headers, visual media, text formatting, and so many other elements to pass along your message to your customers. You can appeal in multiple ways to different types of people, and they will all engage with your business.

You can also follow-up with the prospects who didn't show an all the important campaign results: your initial response to your campaign, which will further increase open rates (the amount of people who open your emails), your click through rates (the amount of people who click on links inside your emails) and conversion rates (the amount of people who hire your service or buy your product).

Another positive aspect of a good email marketing campaign is the possibility of automation with personalisation. It is very easy to send messages mentioning each of your prospects by their first name, while also sending the messages in bulks. That saves a lot of time and money, which can be used in other parts of the company.